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DEMO METAL is the most important event in Romania that addresses specialists in metal working industry. It is the place where the leading suppliers of machine tools, tooling, equipment, accessories and software solutions for the metalworking industry presents its latest innovations and newest technologies.
The unique and innovative concept of Demo Metal is based on practical demonstrations on equipment exposed. Manufacturing processes and equipment that will make the demonstrations will become an option for specialist visitors and can be a viable investment option for companies from the Romanian industry.

About Demo Metal

The DEMO METAL concept, validated in the last ten editions, emphasizes the practical demonstrations. Thus, at the DEMO METAL Brasov 2019 can be seen equipment in operation that incorporates the latest innovations Industry 4.0 and IIoT and exhibiting companies will present the top solutions for the entire chain of production.

Carried out in the center of Romania, characterized by industrial development DEMO METAL attracts professionals and specialists permanently from Romanian, being already the central event of the industry. It will feature up-to-date solutions from suppliers of equipment, accessories, services and raw materials, for the metalworking industry. Also, DEMO METAL stimulates debates on current challenges and creates unique opportunities for networking

DEMO METAL Brasov 2019 is the meeting point for professionals in Romania and the event that outlines the regional perspectives of the industry. Through continuous development and aligning the themes addressed trends in the global industry profile, DEMO METAL is about to become the center of events in the field, in Eastern Europe.

• Machine tools for metal cutting, EDM machines, sheet metal, wire and tube working machines
• Water jet cutting machines, laser cutting machines, plasma cutting machines
• Cutting machines
• Cutting tools, sheet metalworking tools
• Auxiliary equipment for the production process
• Control equipment (MMC, measurement, data acquisition and processing)
• Robots, automation and drives
• Automatic and manual welding equipment
• Specific software solutions (design, modelling, machining: CAD/CAM/PDM/PLM/ERP)
• Other auxiliary equipment, accessories and services for the production process
• Materials, semi-finished products
• Lubricants, coolants
• Welding consumables (electrodes, welding wire)
• Equipment, installations for surface treatment (thermo-chemical treatments, sealants, coatings, plating, painting)
• Equipment, repair technology, reconditioning of surfaces
• Consulting, financing solutions, training
• Technical education institutions
NEW – ‘’Smart Factory’’ solutions (additive manufacturing, digitization of the production, connectivity, Industry 4.0/Intralogistics, etc)

The expected audience consists in professionals and representatives of companies interested in the novelties which the suppliers provide to manufacturers of components and products in the following industries: automotive, aerospace, machine building.

About the organizer

Tehnic Media is the editor of ‘’T&T-Tehnica și Tehnologie”, the premium magazine dedicated to professionals and managers in industrial fields. Moreover, Tehnic Media is also the organizer of Demo Metal, the most important Romanian event in
the metalworking industry, supported by ACAROM – the Romanian Automotive Manufacturers Association, AHK – the Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, CCIFER – the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Romania, and OPIAR – Association of Romanian Aeronautical Companies.


  • Demo Metal

    “Constant participation at Demo Metal opens new perspectives for setting your business. At this moment, digitalization is more than a trend, it is a global transformation, the fourth industrial revolution. Thereby, this event supports a successful transition of the production processes from the classic methods of operation to the digital components and automations. Top companies’ participation tells everything about the high level that Demo Metal has reached. "

  • technology

    "Out of passion for technique and technology, I contribute to the implementation of the Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) concept in the Stabilus group. I believe that digitalization and connectivity are necessary for real-time decision making in order to increase the efficiency of the production processes ”.

  • PREH

    "By taking part in this event, PREH ROMANIA proposes two targets: on the one hand, the presentation of the interconnectivity solutions of the factory systems that already has implemented certain ERP systems and other systems of control and control of the machines / lines of manufacture, and - on the other hand - to learn about other applicable and possible solutions to increase the digitalization and flexibility level of the organization, reduce planning and production cycles, increase productivity and speed up the recovery of investments in development. "

  • ifm

    "Since the advent of IO-link technology, which is the cornerstone of Industry 4.0, almost 10 years ago, ifm is in a continuous campaign to promote the benefits of this technology. We are honored to have the opportunity to present these benefits within the Demo Metal Forum - Transition to Industry 4.0."

  • Industry 4.0

    “Automation and Industry 4.0 or production digitalization are the next technological leaps that can lead to a better competitiveness of the Romanian industry in Europe. Our vision is to be a long-term reliable partner of the modern companies in Romania and to contribute substantially to the development of innovative and high added value productions. ”

  • Caditec

    "The involvement of Caditec Group in the Forum aims to develop a specialized training strategy for the successful implementation of Industry 4.0."


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