SMART MANUFACTURING - demand and offer, face to face at DEMO METAL BRASOV 2018

– 26 November, Park Hall, Lux Divina Events Center –

Does the Romanian Industry really need smart solutions? Or does it just need workforce at lower prices? If people are intelligent, is the company smart too? May a company be productive and efficient today without the Industry 4.0 IloT technologies? What is the future for a company that does not implement this sort of technologies?


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Other questions that will be treated at Demo Metal – Smart Industry Forum:


How does the implementation of some smart solutions look like in current production processes? Which are the partner suppliers to implement IloT or Industry 4.0 on our current production line? How big are the implementation costs? How long will last and what should we start with? Which are implementation benefits for Industry 4.0 solutions? How should I get prepared professionally to deal with the changes in my activity? Which are the expectations of important companies in auto industry from equipment, service and technological solutions suppliers and sub-suppliers.


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9:30-9:45 Adrian Sandu – Secretary General ACAROM
The Romanian Automotive sector and the challenge of Industry 4.0

Roxana Mînzatu
9:45-10:00 Roxana Mînzatu, Former Minister of European Funds, Deputy of Brasov
To digital Romania with the help of European funds

Rareș Stănescu
10:00-10:15 Rareș Stănescu, Senior Manager, Technology Consulting, PwC Romania

Mr. Rareș Stănescu is Senior Manager within the Technology Consulting team of PwC Romania, dealing with the identification and implementation of intelligent automation technologies for the company's clients. With over 8 years of experience in IT projects, Rareș has worked in numerous international teams for clients from Romania, Czech Republic and Great Britain, having roles such as integration delivery lead, integration solution architect and delivery manager in multiple projects. He is a graduate of the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, specializing in electrical engineering and control systems engineering.

10:15-10:30 Sorin Poteraș, Managing Director Schaeffler Romania
Digital Factory

Mr. Sorin Poteraș took the lead of the factory Schaeffler Romania, one of the biggest production units of the Group Schaeffler in 2017, after an experience for over 13 years, at national level, in auto and industrial area. Presentation description: Through the group strategy "Mobility for Tomorrow" and the "Agenda 4 plus One" program Schaeffler aims to simplify processes  by adopting SMART solutions. Digitalization and modern IT equipment represent an important lever for efficiency and management of our processes. Digital Factory is the generic term for a comprehensive network of digital models, methods and tools - including 3D simulation and process visualization - integrated into a data management system, whose purpose is to plan, evaluate and holistically improve the main structures, processes and resources of the factory, starting from the product.

10:30-10:45 Werner Braun, Managing Director Caditec
Best practice in vocational training for Industry 4.0

Mr. Werner Braun is the founder of Caditec Group, consisting of 4 companies from different fields of activity: Caditec Automation - industrial automation, Nuarb - engineering services for the aeronautical industry, Hawema Tooling - parts and components production and Nuarb Training Academy - professional training, being involved in training and vocational training programs both through Nuarb Training Academy and as an initiator of the "German Vocational School Kronstadt (www.spg.ro)." Presentation description: Practical implementation of a laboratory for vocational training in Industry 4.0. A practical and comprehensive Industry 4.0 application.

10:45-11:00 Q&A


Ionuț Țața
11:30-11:45 Ionuț Țața, Managing Director of Iceberg & Digital Innovation Hub Leader and CNIPMMR representative
Digital transformation facilitated by Digital Innovation Hubs

Mr. Ionuț Țața founded and runs the consulting and technology company called Iceberg, and the Cluster for Innovation and Technology - one of the Digital Innovation Centers identified by the European Commission in Romania. In recent years, Ionuț and his team have initiated and developed a series of pilot projects for the digital transformation of the Romanian economy: Digitalise EMS - a free technical expertise program in the field of digital transformation, CUPA - an ecosystem of consulting, training and coaching for development of digital business models, InnoEnergy - the representation in Romania of the world's largest energy-focused start-up accelerator. At the moment, it is developing a regional initiative to develop innovation and facilitate technology transfer among companies in the region. Presentation description: We will discuss how we can accelerate the economic development of the regions in Romania by increasing the level of innovation and use of new technologies among manufacturing companies.

Cristian Popescu
11:45-12:00 Cristian Popescu, Managing Director Stabilus Romania
Smart Factory - Digitalization

Mr. Cristian Popescu is a Mechanical Engineer, TCM graduate, Machine Tools section of Transilvania University of Braov, promotion of 1989. Having over 25 years of experience in the Automotive industry, he is a member of KMC Kaizen Manager Club Romania since 2010. Presentation description: Stabilus solution regarding the way to collect/process and display data from the production process (from the machine tool), in this case the "OEE" performance indicator and real-time decision making, in order to maximize capacity utilization. OEE = Availability x Quality rate x Performance rate of the machine/manufacturing line. Displaying on a monitor of the machine tool and in a desk far from the process, it allows in addition to viewing the global OEE performance indicator, the working instructions/cleaning standards, mark changes, lubrication, TPM boards/how it's made, training movies etc.

Ioan Bele
12:00-12:15 Ioan Bele, PrelMet Transilvania Cluster
Adapting PrelMet Transilvania Cluster to Industry 4.0

Mr. Dr. Ioan Bele is part of the Danube region's network of experts, being also an EU expert on urban development and innovation.

Ferry Grinberg
12:15-12:30 Ferry Grinberg, Managing Director Greenbau Tehnologie
Reducing production costs through smart optimization

Mr. Eng. Ferry Grinberg is one of the visionaries of the Romanian metal cutting industry, which has succeeded in 15 years of activity, within the company GreenBau Tehnologie SRL, as founder and CEO, not only to sell Okuma CNC machine tools but to implement a whole industrial system, the company GreenBau reaching in 2016 100% machines connected via the Internet for monitoring and maintenance or assisted training. Presentation description: In the context of Industry 4.0, Connect Plan is the fully integrated Smart Factory solution from OKUMA, easy to connect to machine tools, monitoring, analysis and optimization or planning of the entire production line or factory, AI predictive analysis of machine operation and processing, eliminating dead times, optimizing processing, saving time and money.

Mihaela Forgaciu
12:30-12:45 Mihaela Forgaciu, Executive Manager Preh Romania
Automatically import data from line controller or machine database into ERP systems

Having over 25 years of management and a solid know-how - both in engineering and business administration - Ms. Mihaela Forgaciu has always focused on motivating teams and streamlining organizational processes in order to meet customer requirements and, implicitly, continuous business development. Presentation description: This topic intends to interconnect different systems (systems from car manufacturers) with ERP systems for better control of manufacturing times, stocks and output results.

ifm electronic
12:45-13:00 Florin Moloșit, Managing Director IFM Electronic Romania
The new digital E-Volution

Florin Moloșit has a large experience in sales and industrial automation. He is the Managing Director of ifm electronic Romania, having almost 10 years of experience in this company. Presentation description: Digitization means data. But the data must reach the right recipient in the form of information, which is why, for ifm, digitization means CLUI - Context - Location - User - Information. Ifm sensors and systems will transform the data into the information needed to track those processes that have a major impact on production costs.

Leonard Rizoiu
Leonard Rizoiu, Managing Partner leoHR

Mr. Leonard Rizoiu is an interesting mix of HR, business, entrepreneurship, digital transformation ... He is a graduate of economic engineering in Bucharest, but also of postgraduate studies of some international universities (organizational communication and human capital development), passionate about people, working with them, opinion maker and innovator: among the first users of social media in recruitment, retention projects (stay interview and exit interview), among the first users of job portals in Romania, supporter of digital transformation and human capital connection. . He also has experience as an HR Manager in multinational companies, but also as a specialist and consultant both in the Romanian market and in the European and overseas economic environment - Canada. Presentation description: Definitely, one of the most important qualities of the digital leader is to encourage digital processes using technology to modernize processes and business strategy. It has an open attitude, a high capacity for understanding and anticipates the disruptive impact of new technologies. It constantly updates the knowledge regarding the advancement of technology and exploits the opportunities by establishing a clear direction of company's development. Identifies the latest digital trends, such as big data and cloud computing or RPA (robotic process automation) and integrates them into the company's business model. He knows how to create a balance between human and digital and guides the entire team with passion and dedication, leaving aside the authoritarian leadership model and, last but not least, thinking differently, knowing his own skills and constantly seeking creative and innovative solutions.

13:15-13:30 Q&A

13:30-14:00 Exhibition visiting

14:00-15:00 Lunch & Networking

15:00-18:00 Exhibition visiting

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Alin Negrescu
11:00-11:25 Alin Negrescu – KPMG Partener in Romania
"Main Trends in the Automotive Sector"

Alin Negrescu, Tax Partner, has more than 13 years of experience in tax advisory services and currently leads the Indirect tax practice in Romania. He has managed numerous projects including tax reviews, business restructuring, and assistance provided during tax audits carried out by the authorities to clients from various business sectors including financial services, retail, automotive and real estate. He regularly delivers specialised training courses to companies and he is a speaker at various business events. For several years, Alin has been working closely with the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation (IBFD), the world’s foremost authority on cross-border taxation, providing updates on Romanian fiscal legislation. He is actively involved in efforts by investors’ organisations (Amcham, FIC etc.) to modernise the Romanian fiscal environment. Alin holds prestigious international professional qualifications (ACCA and ADIT). The presentation will focus on topics such as: main trends in the automotive sector, regional trends, better use of resources, changes in mobility trends, fuel futures: we are ready for electricity and autonomy.

Adrian Sandu
11:25-11:45 Adrian Sandu – Secretary General ACAROM
"Short radiography of the national automotive sector and the challenges it faces."

Sorin Poteraș
11:45-12:00 Sorin Poteraș, Managing Director Schaeffler Romania
"Managerial Challenges in the Digital Transformation of the Production"

Sorin Poteraș took the lead of the factory Schaeffler Romania, one of the biggest production units of the Group Schaeffler in 2017, after an experience for over 13 years, at national level, in auto and industrial area. Short description of the presentation: The perfect recipe of the digital transformation doesn't exist yet, so every management team has the challenge to define its strategy to accelerate this change process. Soon, the increase of productivity in production processes by the old operation methods, could not be provided without the digital component and the prioritisation of implementation steps becomes essential to ensure a successful transition.  

Florin Coman
12:00-12:15 Florin Coman, Purchasing Manager Continental Powertrain
"Supplier of Choice 2030 - Industry 4.0"

Florin Coman, 39 years old, Purchasing Director Continental Powertrain Romania, 14 years experience in strategic acquisition, negotiation, manufacture and management in auto industry. Short description of the presentation: How do we become the best option as suppliers for the costumers in auto industry, what does it reserve to us and what are the expectations that our customers have for the suppliers in auto industry in the context of digitization and automation of processes and production systems.

Horia Todoran
12:15-12:30 Horia Todoran, General Manager Bosch Rexroth Sales
"Industry 4.0 at Bosch"

Horia Todoran, 37, General Manager of Bosch Rexroth Sales SRL, 15 years of experience in industrial sales. Short description of the presentation: The Bosch Group implements a dual strategy when it comes to Industry 4.0 - it is a promoter, but also a user of I4.0 solutions. We discuss the benefits of implementing solutions within our factories.

Sergiu Sarlea
12:30-12:45 Sergiu Șarlea, Technical Manager Bosch Rexroth Sales
"I4.0. From concept to affordable solutions"

Sergiu Șarlea, 32 years, Technical Director of Bosch Rexroth Sales SRL, 10 years experience in industry, technical domain. Short description of the presentation: In a more focused presentation structure we include I4.0 / Smart hardware and software solutions tested and implemented in the industry.

Ioana Petre
12:45-13:00 Ioana Petre, Sales Manager Top Metrology
"Makino solutions in 4.0 Industry"

Ioana Petre is a graduate of the Politehnica University of Bucharest, the Faculty of Engineering and Management of Technological Systems, the Robotic Section. She is employed by Top Metrology as a technology engineer, her role being to consult and guide customers to purchase the right equipment according to their applications. Short description of the presentation: Makino's Industry 4.0 solutions highlight automation, monitoring, preventive maintenance, standalone production and a digital twin simulation, connectivity and cloud solutions using various open protocols.

Radu Mareș
13:00-13:15 Radu Mareș, General Director Plastics Bavaria Romania
PLASTICS BAVARIA - "Smart Industry Requires Smart People"

Radu Mareș has an experience of more than 15 years in plastics, achieved in Romania, but abroad too, being a supporter of the industry, giving efficient solutions and the latest technologies to the Romanian companies. Short description of the presentation: The increase of production processes in plastics industry generate a pressure on the processing industry of metals, by specific requirements of the injection molds and put pressure on the staff which should conceive and operate the production capacities. This fact highlights the challenges in the Romanian market regarding the recruitment, the classification and the specialization of the stuff  and the access to qualified services. The solution is accessible.  

13:15-13:45 Q & A (guests)


Simó István
14:45-15:00 István Simó, Sales Manager Mitutoyo Romania
MITUTOYO: "Mitutoyo and 4.0 connected industry"

István Simó - Sales Manager Mitutoyo Romania, graduated in Transilvania University, since 2013 he works as a sales manager in the company Mitutoyo Romania. Short description of the presentation: Will be presented the solutions offered by Mitutoyo for the intelligent factory, solutions that consist of measuring machines that could match with the automate production line or software SPC by which the production could be monitored in real time, or generation software automate measuring program and solutions to collect and digitize the measuring dates from the little instruments, so shortly: Connected Industry 4.0.

Diana Chirilă
15:00-15:15 Diana Chirilă, SAP Leonardo Presales Specialist
"Industry 4.0 – case study "

Diana Chirilă is part of the innovation crew in SAP, having expertise in Internet of Things and Cloud solution area. In the last years, she was part of the digitalization of companies from different industries, like Manufacturing, Retail, Utilities to accelerate the adoption of new technologies and creation of new business models. Short description of the presentation: Using the principals of Industry 4.0 and the technologies to automate, the integration and organisation of manufacturing processes, the companies have decreased the production time, have improved the quality of products and have implemented the efficiency in all their operations. We invite you to know more about the impact of processes digitization and physics actives in SAP presentation.  

Lucian Ungureanu
15:15-15:30 Lucian Ungureanu – Azure Product Marketing Manager Microsoft
"Solving real operational challenges with technology"

The world of manufacturing is experiencing a major transformation as digital technologies are re-shaping what is possible, from achieving new levels of operational efficiency to unlocking new innovative business models. Digital transformation is not simply about software — it is about solving business challenges and transforming business processes. With technology no longer a restraint, you can start to solve business challenges in new ways and create new opportunities. Join us for to see real applications of technology in manufacturing.

Florin Molosit
14:30-14:45 Florin Moloșit, Managing Director IFM Electronic Romania
"ifm electronic - partenerul tău pentru Industry 4.0!"

Florin Moloțit has a large experience in sales and industrial automation. He is the Managing Director of ifm electronic Romania, having almost 10 years of experience in this company. Short description of the presentation: The digital factory of the future will be possible thanks to the technological progress in industrial relationships, the reduction of quantity and computing power and the technological process in the area of intelligent sensors. ifm, through the sensors and IO-Link islands, next to IO-Link master devices, comes to support the customers by the equipment replacement, without being necessary any adjustments (Plug and Play) and, the most important, can also provide data terabytes which could be used in Big Data Analytics to manage the energy, quality, Track and Trace, machines working order and Remote Service.

Marian Morărașu
15:30-15:45 Marian Morărașu, ICT Business Development Manager Orange
"Data Journey. Using digital information in the optimization of the production processes"

I (Marian Morărașu) am working for Orange since 2006, and I had more positions: customer care prepay/postpay corporate, sales in B2B but since july 2016 I work as an ICT Business Development Manager. I an optimistic, ambitious, communicative, open to new things/innovation person and my hobbies are fishing, plying football and for one year and 6 moths, my son too. Short description of the presentation: The digital technologies transform every moment of life, of work and of way we interact with the society. In this context, the dates turn into the new cash which allow to the companies to develop and to stay in top. For managers, it becomes critical to know how to use the digital information, from collection to their transport, storage, aggregation and their analysis, to turn them into business intelligence. Next to Marian, you will discover how to use the ecosystem of

Dorian Hodorogea Demo Metal Brasov 2018
15:45-16:00 Dorian Hodorogea, SAS Analytics Lead for GEE
"Artificial Intelligence and data prediction in Manufacturing”

Dorian Hodorogea is the SAS expert in Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Mchine Learning, covering Greece and Est Europe in SAS. In the last 10 years, he has worked in the date analysis area, prediction and solutions for Business Intelligence as a technical consultant for SAS and for other similar companies in industries like the financial zone, telecommunications, retail, etc. In SAS Romania, his role is to consult and guide the costumers to solve problems regarding the dates and to discover new things in the structured or unstructured dates. Dorian has graduated "Politehnica Bucuresti", the faculty of Automation and has graduated too a master in Management and Protection of Information.

16:00-16:30 Q & A (guests)


9:45-10:00 OPENING

10:10-10:30 Andrei Sebok
"Solutions for business processes in industry"

10:40-11:00 Sorin Danci
"Power tools, measuring instruments and accessories for industrial processes"

11:00-11:20 Coffee Break

Sergiu Sarlea
11:20-11:40 Sergiu Șarlea
"Predictive maintenance"

11:50-12:10 Iulia Gîndilă
"Interactive platform for communication"

12:20-12:40 Ciprian Lihaciu
"Connectivity of industrial equipment"

12:50-13:10 Cristian Turturică
"Energy efficiency"

13:20-13:40 Cristian Turturică
"Sytronix – efficient optimisation of pumping groups"

13:50 -14:10 Alexandru Vava
"The technology to assemble"

14:00-14:20 Coffee Break

14:30-14:50 Teodor Ticulescu
"Industrial boilers for the production of technological steam "

15:00-15:20 Tiberiu Nicolae
"Security Systems and Security for Industry"

15:30-15:45 CLOSING






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