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Smart Factory – Demo Metal Vest

Automation, digitalization, industrial Internet of Things and industry 4.0. Are these terms ever more present in your life? Do you know their definition, but you don’t have their practical representation? Do you want to test and understand their benefits? Come to SMART FACTORY to get in touch  with these latest solutions, with specialists and companies that can introduce you to the industry of the future! Start a new adventure with your best partners!


This year, within DEMO METAL & DEMO PLAST VEST 2019, between 22-25 May at EXPO Arad we are waiting technology enthusiasts. Get  in contact with technical digitalization solutions which meet the demands of companies interested in stepping into the industry of the future.


SMART FACTORY meets technology enthusiasts and those interested in finding and testing the most advanced smart productivity solutions through a project initiated by T&T. It is is a space where the future of manufacturing is already shaping the current production processes.


SMART FACTORY (V1) is the first step in assimilating technologies and solutions for the digitalization of current manufacturing processes.


Machines and equipment, robots and automation, hardware and software in a start-up project, functional – simulating real-life situations – demonstrating in real time the benefits of the solutions proposed to the industry.


SMART FACTORY offers the opportunity to educate and open the Romanian market for the IIoT solutions through direct contact with them.

Brief summary Smart Factory V1.0

13 participating companies

13 companies have collaborated to present in real time to our visitors smart solutions related to the manufacturing stages within a factory;


Visitor’s feedback

Most of the visitors who answered our questionnaire were pleased with this first mixed representation of automation & digitization technologies and rated the project as extremely useful and interesting;


Smart Factory’s exhibitors feedback

The novelty brought by the project and the challenge to find new ways of working in collaboration with other companies were the main reasons why most of our exhibitors confirmed their intent to participate at the Smart Factory’s second edition;



By opening new perspectives, the project has stimulated the visitors’ interest attracted by the most advanced Industry 4.0 technologies.

Exhibitor's feedback

“The Smart Factory Demo Metal initiative represented the alignment of the organizers concept with the Hexagon vision for the factory of the future. In our turn, we are a manufacturer of measuring equipment and we are going through a digital transformation of our manufacturing processes using Hexagon solutions, but also through partnerships with others robotics and sensors suppliers. We thank the organizers for bringing to each Demo Metal edition a new challenge.”

“Bosch Rexroth, industrial equipment and solutions provider is actively working and promoting the « factory of the future» project. The smart equipment ready to be connected, as well as the industrial software solutions motivated us to be part of the Smart Factory in the Demo Metal West 2019. The main objective is to help companies become aware of the need, benefits and importance of digitalization. Bosch Rexroth presented innovations in IoT products and solutions with a focus on data collection in the production area, predictive maintenance and support in the production area management. It is necessary to inform the Romanian industry of the need for optimization and connection in order to become more competitive. “

“I welcome the T&T initiative to promote the Smart Factory concept, a concept that involves companies that provide digitalization and hardware solutions to build the factories of tomorrow. The involved companies offer solutions from concept / design stage (EPLAN) to commissioning of the factory, as well as monitoring it, the output generated by it and the conditions under which it is generated. I recommend visiting the Smart Factory stand at future editions. You will certainly find new ideas for tomorrow that can be implement today.”

“We are glad that we had the opportunity to take part in the Smart Factory project, within the Demo Metal West 2019 event. We are convinced that everyone who passed through the exhibitors’ stands present in this project had things to learn. The Mahr solutions of measurement with data transmission by wireless presented in the project by our company, have aroused the interest of those who want to streamline the control process of the factories in which they operate. “

“In my experience, it was the first time that, in an exhibition, I had the opportunity to explain live to both existing and potential customers our concepts and Kaeser development policies related to Industry 4.0, IoT, etc. Moreover, I had the opportunity to exchange impressions with other colleagues from other fields, who in turn implement this concept, clarifying how these concepts interact with each other. Not once did I find myself presenting in continuation of our concept and the way in which the procedure of working is related to the activity of a neighbor stand. Thereby, the client was taken directly by the next company representative, thus, the client was “walked” through several concepts, he didn’t havie to put “end to end”  the ideas from different suppliers.”

“As a result of working with the Demo Metal team, I was impressed with the vision for the future of global industrial development that will affect our society. The attempt to show visitors through this project – Smart Factory – the exhibitors’ solutions regarding the smart factory, is an innovative and more complex project than the initial estimate. I have to thank the Demo Metal team for their professional spirit and support and also for being always close to us.”

We have prepared a short video in which each participant of the first edition presents their contribution to the project: