Starting from the success of the Forum organized within DEMO METAL BRAȘOV 2019, we are enthusiastically preparing for its second edition. In futher detailing the topic Transition to Industry 4.0 we add, to practical approaches and technical solutions, highlighting the motivation for changing the company culture.


Becoming more and more an important topic, we will approach the ways to migrate to Industry 4.0 and try to break down the barriers of the subjects that, until recently, we considered ”too far” from our reality. The need to adhere to these IIoT solutions is becoming more and more intense, so we make every effort to facilitate the contact between ”demand and supply”.


We are going through a period of significant transformations of the whole approach to industrial production by combining, and even replacing, conventional processes with technologies and the internet of things. And since any new thing is more difficult to accept and adopt without concrete informations, we propose to bring them into our forum.


We need to adapt with small (but accurate) steps and develop an industry that innovates and launches products faster, increases flexibility and the efficiency of resource use through digitization. Information and the power of example are some of the most powerful tools we can use to manage the balance in a context where we must hurry to take our place, not to be left wondering if we have proceeded right or we should have made other decisions.


In this context, the best thing to do is to be aware of the trends around us. We consider that the first step is to inform ourselves, and the forum proposes exactly this.  As at Demo Metal Brasov 2019, we intend to bring in front of the audience some of the most resonant names in the top industrial management to share the motivation, experience and  challenges encountered in adopting Industry 4.0 solutions.

Stay tunned, we are preparing the second edition of the Forum and we will come back soon with informations.


Cu sprijinul

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